Opulence is the balance of design,
in the sense of beauty and highest quality.

Brian Swinton BA (Hons) MA (dist) Interior Architecture

Kitchens have evolved overtime and now are spaces with multiple uses, such as dining and working. Therefore space must be functional yet aesthetically pleasing. At our Pol Kefton kitchen studio we have 5000sq feet dedicated to showcasing our state of the art kitchen displays. We work with both Italian and German manufacturers, to provide high quality, trend-setting kitchens. Our furniture is exclusively created and supplied for Pol Kefton from our factories in both Italy and Germany. They can be created to suit any style, ranging from contemporary to traditional.

Typically, our Italian kitchens are of a contemporary nature, modern with clean lines and efficient space for those wishing for a simplified life. Contemporary design plays on natural light, open space and energy.

Alternatively if you like detailing, rich deep tones and elegant furnishings, then traditional design is for you.

But if you like to mix both contemporary and traditional elements then a transitional design can be created to cater for your taste. With a touch of Pol Kefton creativity, our enthusiastic designers will offer a bespoke service with complete flexibility.

It is a design that has no limitations or restrictions allowing us to explore materials and designs that are usually unobtainable via other sources.

Whether it be traditional, classic or contemporary, we push all boundaries to create something truly unique and breath taking.

You can accessorise your living spaces by visiting out homeware boutique.